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AGI is the industry leader for protecting your Class-A surfaces from damages during the assembly process. Chances are, if you're not covered with us, you're using decades-old methods that are costing you time and money, while putting your people and products at risk. We can help eliminate damage and safety issues with short lead times and custom tailored products to keep your process running safely and efficiently. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
General Motors



  • Does your product scratch or leave marks?
    Great question! (We're glad you asked.) Our Material is made from a proprietary polyurethane formula that is soft, but durable, and helps resist scratching.
  • Is your product cost effective?
    We utilize a very unique tooling process that allows us to create a mold with very limited up front cost from our customer. Our tooling costs are typically a fraction of traditional molding tooling costs.
  • How are your products better than what we currently use?
    Better is only one way to describe our materials. We're also different. We use a proprietary method to produce our products and covers, that allows us to form our material around virtually any surface or object. AGI manufactures food-grade material that is non-toxic and safe from deforming in just about any environment you might put it in.
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