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Why AGI?

Marble Surface

Outstanding Technology, Quality, and Performance

Our product is unrivaled when it comes to protecting your people, products, and process against quality issues and damages. Our lead times are the quickest in the industry, and our process allows for a holistic solution to covering virtually any item with the most durable materials. 


We use a Patented Polyurethane blend that is...


  • Non-Toxic & Food Grade

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Resistant to Deforming; including rips, tears, and breaks

  • Free from absorbing foreign materials, i.e. dust, metallic particles, debris

The average 2 cm scratch costs about $175 USD to repair off of the assembly line.

Let us help you streamline your product flow, by sending more vehicles directly from the assembly line to your customer​s by reducing the number of units being sent off-line from damages to your Class-A surfaces.

Need Help? We've Got You Covered.
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