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AGI Red Report Dec 13 2022

Sean Copeland

How much of a difference do Power Tool Covers really make? Depends... How much do you value well crafted, quality products?

Power Through to Power Tool... Covers, that is. Why bother right? Wrong.

The global power tools market is currently estimated to be valued around $30 billion dollars and is expected to grow to nearly $40 billion by 2027. But you can't compete, if you're constantly wearing down tools due to poor maintenance and protection.

Check out AGI's latest edition of The Red Report to find out how we can save your company time and money while increasing your overall product quality.

At AGI, we are proud to work with companies and people like you to help:

Maximize Worker and Consumer Safety

Maximize Torque and Overall Product Quality

Minimizing Damage During Assembly

All While Minimizing Your Costs

Call or email us today, to let us help you!

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12-13-22 Red Report Newsletter FINAL
Download PDF • 4.70MB

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